This is the guide. You can skip it and play on your own, but it is highly recommended to start with this guide.

Register Edit

First, go to the Slots page. Double-check for your name here. If your name is not there, then comment on it, saying you want to join. Wait until your comment is removed and your name is there.

Part 1: The Basics Edit

At first, you cannot shoot. Go to the discussions page. Then post a thread called "Moves: <YOUR USERNAME>", and a description called "Moves for <YOUR USERNAME>". Replace the <YOUR USERNAME> with your wikia name. An example is: "Moves: GunnerTeam". Put it into the "Moves" category. You can skip the guidelines, you won't get blocked by anything. Now on your thread, post: "Killing move: Ram - Yellow Square". Wait until your XP turns into 5/10. Do it once again, you should be level 1 and your max XP should turn into 15.

More Later! Edit

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